Over the years, horseshoe has been considered a lucky charm to people who hung it in their homes thus the word good luck horseshoes. Since the time in memorial residents in many parts, the employed the work of a blacksmith to make horseshoes not only for their horses but ornamental purposes and for attracting good fortune. The people of Kenia are not an exception they have been swept away by the power of horse shoes.

To them the power of horseshoes is not a superstition per se but a culture and a belief. They have horseshoes engraved with different designs may It be words or patterns. Most of the horseshoes are made of iron with a variety of color to choose from. They also place the horse shoes on different types of materials, for example, they can put it on the hides that are mostly practiced by farmers who keep animals. By so doing the horseshoes, are bound to protect their animals from diseases and evil spirits. Moreover, they believe that by hanging the horse shoes with ends facing upwards it will bring good fortune to the family since to them it is like a storage container for keeping good luck.


To add on that, they have these perception that the horseshoes have a sort of magnetic power to attract good luck to the family. By placing it on the wall, the horseshoes are bound to attract good fortune from around the place. Again they belief that By hanging it on the doorway the horseshoes stops evil deeds from entering the house and prevent good luck from spilling out of the house. Perhaps the combination of these magical powers of the horseshoes have made residents of Kenia have high regard to its ability of bringing good fortune to them.


People in this beautiful place have great respect for Blacksmith, this trade is considered lucky. This is so because they work with iron that is considered magical. Since horseshoes are made up of iron, they believe that it contains the same magical properties of iron. From the historical times iron was considered a precious metal because of its properties, iron compared with other metals can withstand fire and it is much stronger. It was used as a charm to keep off evil spirits.


To add on that, they believe that if a person steals the horse shoes, it will bring bad luck to him and take away the good fortune from his family. This good luck will be transferred to the family of the legitimate owner of the horseshoe. The people of Kenia also think that if the horse shoes are placed outside the door customized to act as a door banger it can chase away other evil supernatural being.


The number seven plays an imperative role in this area. Given the fact that the horse shoes commonly have seven nails. Since long time ago, the number seven was considered very special in the sense that many good fortunes are made up of number seven. They believe and indeed most of the cultures of the world also have this notion that life has got seven ages, and these ages are manifested on the following aspects. For instance, rainbow has got seven colours, a week has got seven days and the moon changes phases every seven days. All these have made horse shoes to be a must have item on every household in Kenia.